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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 years later....

I didn't' do such a hot job of keeping up with a blog after Aery was born.  I've always been the person who wanted to live life instead of record it.  That's why I don't have many pictures unless Derek is around with his "annoying" shutterbug tendencies! LOL I'll breeze through many of the highlights from the last 2 years, and hopefully I'll be able to keep up a little better from here on out.  I was lucky enough to spend from the end of   March 2011 through August of 2011 home with my Angelfish.  My mom watched Aery during the 2011-2012 school year.

In April, Aery attended her first Jones/Rodriguez/Hyde family Parrothead Reunion and Jimmy Buffet concert.  She was perfect! We took Aery to Durango Colorado that May.  We had so much fun in the mountains!  She got to go to Albuquerque in June for my cousin's promotion to Captain in the Air Force.  She got to go the aquarium and LOVED it!
In October of that year, Aery contracted a very severe salmonella infection.  We spent 3 days in the BSA pediatric unit.  I NEVER want to go through anything like that again.  Other than that, Aery's first year was great!  We had her first birthday at our house.  That is another thing I will never do again until she is old enough for a slumber party!

In June of 2012, Aery and I went to Angelfire for a week with my mom.  In July, Aery's Uncle Bill  came to visit for a week.  Other than that, we had a very quiet summer.

This school year, a good friend of mine has been watching Aery at her in-home day care.  We've been blessed with such a great person watching Aery.  Aery and I also joined Victory Church in Amarillo.  We love our new church family!  Right before Christmas, Derek's grandfather passed away in Iowa.  In less than 24 hours, we planned and packed for a 5 day trip to Iowa.  With financial help from my dad, we were able to drive to Iowa, spend Christmas Day with Derek's brother, meet many members of Derek's family, attend the funeral, and race ahead of winter storms both going to and coming back from Iowa!  While the reason for the trip was very sad, it was a good family trip!  Aery and I enjoyed getting to know new family members!

That's they very brief synopsis of the last 2 years!  Hopefully I'll do better from here on out about blogging!  There should be many funny, exciting, mundane, and special moments to share!