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Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year...

Wow, the last year brought lots of changes, both planned and surprises.  I didn't expect to get back into middle school.  I didn't expect my mom to retire early.  I didn't expect to get to graduate until next December.  I didn't expect to get new and wonderful work friends!  I did plan on having a baby though (thank goodness)!

The prospect of what the new year will bring is definitely exciting and scary at the same time.  2011 will be the most life-changing year I've had so far in my life.  There are a lot of changes I know to expect, and many, many more that I can't even imagine!  As I look to the future, I know I am blessed to have the support of wonderful family and friends.  It will be the most difficult year in some ways, and the most rewarding in so many more.

I am so proud and happy that I get to raise my child with the best husband I could ask for.  He may worry about his ability as a father, but I have faith in him.  I know that he will be wonderful.  He is so full of love that he wants to share with others, that it will overflow into his role as a daddy.

I am excited to share the experience of a new baby with my family.  The support and excitement they already have shared with me makes me even happier to be able to share this new chapter of my life with them.

Even though I did not plan on moving back to middle school.  I know it was a wonderful decision.  I am fortunate to have found a school where I "fit".  My experiences over the last year and half have changed my perspective personally and professionally.  I know how lucky I am to be in a school where I can be happy, even when facing the challenges that current trends in education bring to my profession.  This will be an environment where I can grow professionally while feeling secure in my position and happy to go to work each day.  Things won't be perfect, but they never are.  I do have the support of my co-workers and friends to work through these challenges and face whatever changes will come.

Completing my Master's has been a very fulfilling experience for me.  The goals I set for myself before I started a family were to own a home and finish my degree.  It feels good to know I have accomplished those things, so I can focus on my family more than stresses for the future.

Happy New Year dear family and friends.  I hope the year brings many great things for all of us.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stork Vision visit 2

Tonight was a lot of fun!  Hopefully soon I will have a baby pic of me to compare to the images we got!  It's amazing how much their little features change in 8 weeks!  I even have some short videos, so this blog will be mostly pictures and video with very little reading...
hands curled by the face just like Mommy!

BIG yawns!


This little piggy...

I have a dimple in my chin like Mommy!

cute little ear and neck wrinkles!

Here's a comparison of the 2 different sessions, so you don't have to flip back and forth!

We started off the evening sleepy...

Adorable yawn action!

Daddy will be very pleased that Baby Hyde appears to enjoy posing for the camera.  We made it 1 minutes  out of the 20 minute session and said we were done by turning our back on the camera!  The lady doing the sonogram tonight said she wished every baby behaved as well as Baby Hyde!  Do we have a camera ham in the making?  Possibly....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonderful break

I've really enjoyed this Christmas break!  I've been able to spend time with family and friends!  I got some really great things for the baby as Christmas gifts!  Derek and I are on track to get the nursery ready by January, and I've even had time to rest in there!

Nothing hugely exciting has happened.  I missed out on a family friend's wedding due to a need to take it easy for a few days.  I'm sad about that, I have been looking forward to going to their wedding for a while. It would have been nice to catch up with good friends, but my health and the baby's health has  to take priority over everything else right now.

I did get to spend Christmas my favorite way!  We've always celebrated on Christmas Eve in our family.  We fix a favorite family meal (usually homemade enchiladas or bierox...the bierox won out this year thanks to Derek).  Then we open gifts together.  It was nice to spend that time like we always have.  I don't know what new family traditions will start next year or what changes will be made thanks to Baby Hyde.  It was a really great gift for me to spend at least one more Christmas the way I always have.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of family and friends.  Here's a new year full of surprises and new adventures!

Adventures in painting

Well, the first few phases of redecorating the nursery are finished!  We had to empty the room first...(yuck)...Then we decided to pull the trim off that ran around the room halfway up the walls.  That was Derek's job.  Then we had to patch the uneven line left by the trim and the holes that Derek's shelving system made in the walls. (I could have killed him for those...we're talking holes the size of pennies and bigger!)  Next we had to re-texture the walls.  That wasn't so bad thanks to my dad's texture sprayer.  For never having sprayed texture before, I must admit my hubby did an outstanding job!

We got both coats of base coat on the walls yesterday and this morning.  Once again, for never having rolled on paint before, Derek did outstanding!  (I'm the one who has painted the walls for any other decorating project that has been undertaken...)  I can't wait to see how the sponge effect we are going to try turns out.  I think it will really be neat!  The over all effect will make it seem like you are under a Caribbean sea with the light filtering down through the water!

I've been informed that I'm not allowed to post pictures or show any family members the room until it is painted and furniture has been built and placed.  Not to worry though; we will have it all done before I go back to work on the 3rd. :D

Happy waiting!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Registry

Disclaimer: This IS NOT an attempt to make anyone feel like I expect a gift from you.  This is simply the fastest way I know to get this information out to people who DO want it.

I do have a baby registry started at both Babies R' Us and Amazon.  I will be starting registries at Walmart and Target shortly.  I know most people who read my blog do not feel they need to get me a gift, nor should they.  I want to let close friends and family know about it so they can pick things off of it.  I know I should have posted this before the week of Christmas for family members, but that's ok.  You guys know what I like/need/want and will do fantastic without this!

These registries are NOT gender neutral.  That means if you don't want to know what I'm having, you might want to avoid them!

Amazon Baby Registry

Babies R' Us Registry

I'm also posting these so that my wonderful mommy/grandma/aunt/etc friends can look through them if you feel the urge and give me advice on anything I might want to add that isn't already there.  I know there will be things I don't think of that will be essential after Baby Hyde is here!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sleep breakthrough!

I got a WONDERFUL new body pillow for graduation from my mom.  It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but she thought (correctly) that I might get some good use out of it before then.  That was a fantastic idea, Mama!
Mine is brown instead of white, which I think will show less sweat, drool, etc than the white will.  I supports my neck and back very well.  It will be great as a back support and wrap-around pillow after Baby Hyde gets here too.

My cats Emma and Mao approve as well.  they each take one side and curl up with me.  
No, I'm not asleep, I was looking down at Emma when Derek snapped the pic!

I can see this pillow getting lots of use both before and after the baby gets here.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lab work adventures and other updates...

There hasn't been much going on lately. I got my gestational diabetes test out of the way last week. That was an adventure.  The week before, my OB told me to go in for my diabetes testing.  He and his entire staff made it sound like it would be a nice, short in and out draw blood and your done on there mentioned that I would have to drink the glucose tolerance beverage, wait an hour, and THEN give blood!  (At least he made sure I knew about fasting beforehand.)

I went in at 8:30 when the lab opened that Friday to get it out of the way.  The lab tech walks out with the drink and starts telling me the process and must have been able to see the shock on my face that I did not have a clue that I would have to spend an hour plus at the lab.  I explained that to do that I would have to arrange for a sub and take a half-day of work because I couldn't miss that much of the morning otherwise.  She was super sweet and let me take the glucose drink home to drink at 7:30 Monday morning so I could come into the lab when they open at 8:30 and get the testing done.  I love understanding people!

The drink itself wasn't bad; it reminded me of drinking a melted OtterPop.  The blood draw was just as pleasant as any other draw I've had done.  I'm guessing they didn't see anything they didn't like because I haven't received a call that I need to come back in for further testing, so I'm all good with the process!  I WILL be letting my OB know that he needs to prepare people for the process better.  His office makes it sound fast, but most people do not consider over an hour a fast process on a work day!

Other than my latest lab work adventures, I get to graduate with my Master's degree in Education Administration on Friday!  I can't wait!!!  What a great way to start 2 weeks off work!

We have picked out colors for the nursery and are going to get the room cleared out today and next Sunday.  My goal is to have the room painted and furniture set up by the end of Christmas break.

As soon as we get everything started I'll post some pictures of the process!

Belly Diaries 3

24 Weeks

Just think, the next one post will be in the 3rd trimester!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, Baby Hyde finally decided to cooperate today!  If you want to know what we are having you will have to click on the link.  Remember, some of my family does not want to know, so keep congratulations and comments private!

Dr. Anderson was very sure of what he saw today.  I am SUPER excited to finally know!  And to put a damper on that excitement...I get to go have diabetes testing and all of that good stuff done within the next week.  At least that's a one time deal and it will be over with!

I go back on December 30, but the anticipation is different now.  The countdown for the main event is really starting now!  Only 16 more weeks until my due date.  That means only 13 more work weeks when you take out Christmas and Spring Breaks!  Gah!  How will I get everything done!!!!!