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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stork Vision visit 2

Tonight was a lot of fun!  Hopefully soon I will have a baby pic of me to compare to the images we got!  It's amazing how much their little features change in 8 weeks!  I even have some short videos, so this blog will be mostly pictures and video with very little reading...
hands curled by the face just like Mommy!

BIG yawns!


This little piggy...

I have a dimple in my chin like Mommy!

cute little ear and neck wrinkles!

Here's a comparison of the 2 different sessions, so you don't have to flip back and forth!

We started off the evening sleepy...

Adorable yawn action!

Daddy will be very pleased that Baby Hyde appears to enjoy posing for the camera.  We made it 1 minutes  out of the 20 minute session and said we were done by turning our back on the camera!  The lady doing the sonogram tonight said she wished every baby behaved as well as Baby Hyde!  Do we have a camera ham in the making?  Possibly....

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