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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lab work adventures and other updates...

There hasn't been much going on lately. I got my gestational diabetes test out of the way last week. That was an adventure.  The week before, my OB told me to go in for my diabetes testing.  He and his entire staff made it sound like it would be a nice, short in and out draw blood and your done on there mentioned that I would have to drink the glucose tolerance beverage, wait an hour, and THEN give blood!  (At least he made sure I knew about fasting beforehand.)

I went in at 8:30 when the lab opened that Friday to get it out of the way.  The lab tech walks out with the drink and starts telling me the process and must have been able to see the shock on my face that I did not have a clue that I would have to spend an hour plus at the lab.  I explained that to do that I would have to arrange for a sub and take a half-day of work because I couldn't miss that much of the morning otherwise.  She was super sweet and let me take the glucose drink home to drink at 7:30 Monday morning so I could come into the lab when they open at 8:30 and get the testing done.  I love understanding people!

The drink itself wasn't bad; it reminded me of drinking a melted OtterPop.  The blood draw was just as pleasant as any other draw I've had done.  I'm guessing they didn't see anything they didn't like because I haven't received a call that I need to come back in for further testing, so I'm all good with the process!  I WILL be letting my OB know that he needs to prepare people for the process better.  His office makes it sound fast, but most people do not consider over an hour a fast process on a work day!

Other than my latest lab work adventures, I get to graduate with my Master's degree in Education Administration on Friday!  I can't wait!!!  What a great way to start 2 weeks off work!

We have picked out colors for the nursery and are going to get the room cleared out today and next Sunday.  My goal is to have the room painted and furniture set up by the end of Christmas break.

As soon as we get everything started I'll post some pictures of the process!

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