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Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Registry

Disclaimer: This IS NOT an attempt to make anyone feel like I expect a gift from you.  This is simply the fastest way I know to get this information out to people who DO want it.

I do have a baby registry started at both Babies R' Us and Amazon.  I will be starting registries at Walmart and Target shortly.  I know most people who read my blog do not feel they need to get me a gift, nor should they.  I want to let close friends and family know about it so they can pick things off of it.  I know I should have posted this before the week of Christmas for family members, but that's ok.  You guys know what I like/need/want and will do fantastic without this!

These registries are NOT gender neutral.  That means if you don't want to know what I'm having, you might want to avoid them!

Amazon Baby Registry

Babies R' Us Registry

I'm also posting these so that my wonderful mommy/grandma/aunt/etc friends can look through them if you feel the urge and give me advice on anything I might want to add that isn't already there.  I know there will be things I don't think of that will be essential after Baby Hyde is here!

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