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Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, Baby Hyde finally decided to cooperate today!  If you want to know what we are having you will have to click on the link.  Remember, some of my family does not want to know, so keep congratulations and comments private!

Dr. Anderson was very sure of what he saw today.  I am SUPER excited to finally know!  And to put a damper on that excitement...I get to go have diabetes testing and all of that good stuff done within the next week.  At least that's a one time deal and it will be over with!

I go back on December 30, but the anticipation is different now.  The countdown for the main event is really starting now!  Only 16 more weeks until my due date.  That means only 13 more work weeks when you take out Christmas and Spring Breaks!  Gah!  How will I get everything done!!!!!

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