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Sunday, October 31, 2010

And the suspense continues...

Thursday seems so far away!  I don't care what anyone says, I'm excited to give this little being inside of me more identity!  Keep your fingers crossed for us that he or she cooperates unlike his or her daddy normally would! :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I can't wait for next week!  We find out what the baby is a week from tomorrow! :D  I need to find a creative way to let those who want to know what we are having.  I know I can use the good ol' "message me if you wanna know method," but I would like to do something a little more original than that....I DO have space on Derek's website with my own domain name, so I might have to use that to my benefit.

Watch and see what I come up with!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just a little cold...

I think I just have a little cold, but they aren't kidding when they say it's harder on you when you are pregnant!  I've never had to miss work for cold or allergy symptoms until now.  I don't think I could have made it though a day of work if I had to today!  I'm feeling better now, thanks to allowable cold meds and rest.  Hopefully I'll feel MUCH better by Monday!

On a brighter note, only 2 weeks until my next sonogram! :D  I can't wait!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nursery Planning!

We picked out nursery furniture today!  I am SOOO excited!  I already have my bedding thanks to an early pregnancy splurge and a deal I couldn't refuse.  It feels good to have all of that decided!

Here is what we are doing....

The crib will convert to a toddler bed like this....
It's in Cherry.  I think it will be fantastic!

The changing table/dresser will convert into a dresser with a hutch like so...
I love the hutch for books, etc when the time comes!

The bedding I picked out will be great whether Baby Hyde is an Arianna Michelle or a Thomas Brandon.

I can't wait to see the finished product!  I'm hoping that by Christmas I can get the room cleaned out, painted, carpet replaced, and furniture set up.  Wish me luck!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 17

Nothing really new this week.  I've felt really good after Monday.  Hopefully that means the worst is over for now.  I've felt the baby flutter a few more times, but not as strongly as I did 2 weeks ago.  I can' believe I'm 3 weeks away from hitting the halfway point!  Where is time going?!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Belly Diaries

Here is the first of what will (hopefully) be monthly belly pictures!

Animals' Sixth Sense

If you asked me before I got pregnant, I would have told you, "Yes, animals can sense major changes like pregnancy."  If you had asked me a week ago I would have said if they do, none of our animals have that sense, or they just don't care.

Tonight I sat down to pet our dog Sophie because she kept following me around wanting attention.  (This is unusual by itself because she goes to Derek when she wants loved on, not me!)  As soon as I sat down she buried her nose in my stomach and started sniffing.  It was almost funny.  She never does things like that.

At least I know one of the fur-children cares enough to say, "I know something is different even if I don't know what exactly it means!"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here we go!!!

I want to have a place to keep everyone up-to-date with Baby Hyde as well as a collection of memories to look back on. I can't promise I will keep it up, but if enough people show interest I will do my best.

So...we found out we were pregnant at the beginning of July.  We saw the baby for the first time on August 9th.

I felt great for the first 12 weeks.  I had very few symptoms.  I dealt with some nausea, but nothing that Zofran couldn't take care of!  (BTW...Zofran is a M-I-R-C-L-E drug when you are preggers!)  I had fun sharing the news with family and friends.  Everyone has been very excited for us.

I'm really glad that my neighbor is only a little over a month farther along than I am.  It's nice going having someone to share the experience with on that level.  We got to hear the heartbeat in September.  That was an indescribable experience!  It was amazing!!!!!  I told Derek the baby is definitely his, it was being difficult and moving while Dr. Anderson tried to find it!

The last few weeks have been rough.  I have suffered from morning sickness almost daily.  I can only be thankful it started late and seems to be letting up for now! At almost 16 weeks, I'm feeing more energetic.  I felt the baby move last week a few times!  I had to stop and think when I felt it the first time.  that was incredible feeling!  I have already had to break down and buy maternity clothes because none of my pants fit and my shirts have started getting snug!  Thank goodness I have great a great family that has chipped in and helped with that!

I go back during the first week of November for another sonogram and to find out what we are having.  I can't wait!!!!!  This month will hopefully fly by between work and studying for comps.  I am amazed that it is already October!  At this rate I don't know how I will get everything done by March!  Our due date is March 26.  If I can make it to that point, I will be able to take the last 8 weeks off from school and enjoy almost 5 months of being Mommy before I have to go back to work.

I picked out an ocean theme for the nursery.  My early splurge was the bedding set I found for $100 off its normal price.  I just couldn't resist that kind of deal!  I can't wait to set the nursery up!

Ok, I think I have included the important points of the last 16 weeks....I will post more as I have new thoughts, information, and ideas.  Enjoy!