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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tired of being sick!

Getting sick during pregnancy is by far the worst part of this pregnancy.  I know I've been lucky and had it pretty easy, but I am so tired of this respiratory bug! I've had it for almost 2 weeks now.  At least the Z-pack the doctor gave me last week knocked whatever this is back enough that I can function.  The downside is I can already feel it starting to build back up in my sinuses!  If I can make it until Wednesday, I can ask Dr. Anderson for SOMETHING stronger to make it go away!  I have taken so many Z-packs in the last 6 years that they are no longer effective in fighting off infections in my system.

I've always had a hard time fighting off respiratory infections of any sort.  I know my immune system just must be really weak when it comes to my sinuses in particular.  You can bet after this round of illness I'll be seeking out an ear, nose, and throat specialist as soon as I can after Aeryanna gets here to prevent this from happening again.

At least I got my flu shot early this year.  It seems to be keeping the flu at bay.  I know way too many people around me have had it, but I seem to have missed it.

All I have to do is make it through the next 9 or so weeks....then I will at least have a FEW more options available!

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