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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ready to Stay Healthy!

So this is the second round of antibiotics in 3 months.  My diagnosis--ear infection, sinus infection, AND throat infection.  I haven't had to do this since the end of 2007!  Unfortunately, it took stronger antibiotics than Azithromycin to get it done.  That doesn't bode well, but I think after this week I will have some time to breathe. I have my formal observation at school and my Master's degree COMPS exam coming up this week.  I think with those out of the way, I'll have a little less to worry about.

I also have a fantastic sister who offered to help me deep-clean my house as a birthday present!  Doesn't sound like much, but when you just don't want to do anything but crash on the weekend, having an extra hand to help out is the best thing she could do for my birthday!

So hopefully between getting my big stressors of the year out of the way, and some help cleaning, I can step back and breathe and relax!

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