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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amazing day

This week has been absolutely amazing.  I'm VERY glad I listened to the doctor when he advised that I not go to work last Monday!  I was in full blown nesting mode.  The only thing I still had to finish before I was satisfied was the floors.  I had an appointment at 2:30 and was determined to have the floors finished before I went to the appointment.  During the morning, I had what I thought was a baby sitting on my bladder.  She has done it in the past causing scares; it felt just the same this time.  I called the doctor after a couple of rounds of this.  They asked me to come in a little early.

Derek met me at the office for my appointment.  I won't go into details.  Let's just say it was amusing to watch the doctor get a little excited when it was in fact NOT my bladder this time.  From there it was straight to the hospital.  (Have I mentioned that I love having a doctor who is literally across the street from the hospital?)

At the hospital, they started pictosin and would not allow me to get up because my water had broken.  Back labor is definitely NOT fun in that situation.  One epidural and 8 hours labor we were ready to push! 45 minutes later on 3/22/11 at 2:23, Aeryanna was here!  Her birthdate and time will always be easy to remember! 32211223...kinda weird huh? But I like it!

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